Diesel tank VS Petrol tank? (i have a problem)

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Oct 8, 2008
Brisbane - Australia
is there any internal differances between the 2 tanks?
i removed my standard pertrol tank for my FJ60, and replaced it with a tank from a HJ60.
After 150km of driving after swap, seems i have bad vapor lock.

drove the rest of the way home with fuel cap loose.

Is it the Tank causing the problems? (reason for swap is that the old tank had serious weeping, leaking fuel)

How many small (6-8mm) hoses does the HJ tank have on the right side?

My guess is that the diesel tank vents differently than does the petrol tank. The US petrol tanks have several hoses on their right side for the vent system, if the diesel tank doesn't have at least one then you needed to crack the cap just to allow air into the tank to replace the fuel drawn out of it.
the pick-up was the only differance.
the diesel had one line for the pick up, and the petrol 2.
so i unscrewed them, and swaped them over.
other than that, the tank has the same amount of outlets on it.
thats why i was thinking it maybe something internally.

will look into it over the weekend.

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