Diesel Swap & Bellhousing

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Oct 17, 2015
Hi to all,

I am swapping my out my F engine out of my fj40 and putting a 14BT diesel. But has some questions on everyones experiences. Saw post about using later 3B bell housing(aluminum).

Would I be able to use the 1HZ bell housing in replacement of the aluminum 3B one? If the 1HZ one do I need a 1HZ input shaft?

Can i Use my H42 Transmission from a 3F(gas) and replace the input shaft with a B series input shaft? (always see H55F topics)

Thanks in advance..
1HZ Bellhousing completely different on the engine side. I have a late model aluminum B series Bellhousing with backing plate and clutch fork available if you need one. You’ll need to swap in a B series input shaft, F input is shorter and has coarse splines.

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