Diesel Mechanic in Nashville

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Mar 1, 2016
Nashville, TN
Looking for a diesel mechanic in the Nashville area who would be able to take a look at a 2B engine (1977 RHD BJ40).
What is it doing?
It's running fine. No immediate needs. I just bought it so I'm looking for a good mechanic in case I need one. I have a very slight oil leak - nothing material though - and it's a little rough on start up with the Nashville humidity this summer. But otherwise runs fine.
Do you know if the oil is coming out of the crank case vent? If so its nothing to worry about.
And you can trust Hunter, his leaks oil evert where so he knows the serious places.
The first drops I saw were from the bell housing. Then saw oil dripping from the u-joint. (When I say dripping I mean after driving it, the next morning I see a drop or two from overnight). I was thinking the rear crank case seal, but then chased it up and the oil filter casing is wet and the push rod cover on the right side is a bit wet as well. All of it is on the right side where the crank case vent is so could be it. Not sure.
Sounds like the crank case vent. I've read where people jokingly call them driveshaft oilers. When I got mine someone had attached a gator aid bottle to the end of it so it would leak on the drive way.
*would not leak on the drive way. My grammar gets a little bit better when I've had a few. lets see a picture of this 40.
Alright! Another yellow BJ40. Where did your come from?

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