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Apr 3, 2007
Well, first of all thanks for reading my first thread. :flipoff2:
Now down to business!!
I've got a never-ending supply of Diesel Landies down here in Honduras (Peace Corps Volunteer) and I want to drive one back to the states. I'm not worried about the importation as much as what it is that I am buying and what it is worth in America. I know the Bs and Hs are somewhat rare in the States, but are they priced higher in Honduras?!
From what I have gathered from you folks and other sites, the majority of the LCs down here are 40s and 45s between 1975 and 1983 of varying stock quality. I've a few photos to post, but the attachment isn't working right now. Anyway, which is best for me to purchase as far as rarity and resale value and all-around badassness is concerned?

Example: 1978 45 pickup 6 cylinder diesel (is that an H?) in great condition and not the original paint was purchased in Honduras for $6,000. Assuming that the majority of the truck is original (engine, drivetrain, bed box...) is it worth more or less than $6,000 in the USA?
Apr 13, 2006
Paso Robles, Ca.
I paid $13,000 for mine, it only had 86,000 km and it was very clean. I may be dumb paying that much but so far it has been worth it to me.

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Mar 31, 2006
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When I was down there they had a lot of Troopys some were deisel but most were gas.

If you were going to bring one back I would recommend an FJ 45 diesel or a troopy.

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