Diesel engines, 5 speeds, Full Floater and more?

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1974 FJ40
Jan 3, 2006
United States
These are some USED parts that I have coming from overseas in the next couple of months. If you are interested, please let me know and make offers. If you are looking for something, let me know and I will check my suppliers. These items ship to Kansas City or Wichita, KS. We can check additional freight if you can not pickup the items. I will see how the offers come, but I am trying to find the fine line between making a few bucks and not screwing others with crazy prices. I am doing this on the side, so please be specific and be patient. I do not check emails every day and I travel a lot for work. Thanks!

Full floating rear diff complete drum to drum that came out of 1983 60 series, not a locker.

Complete 3B(3.4L diesel out of BJ42)engine matched to a 5
speed transmission and transfer case. Unit runs well and includes shifters etc

5 speed transmissions with transfer cases and all shifters are available, they work, but it would not hurt to put in a bearing/seal kit.
What knid of money are we looking at for a 5 speed? would that bolt up to my 78' transfer case and my 79' engine?

what would the 3B combo run?
price on the FF 60 series axle please.
Interested in the Full floater. Price?
F-Junker, No an H55F will not bolt up to your 78 Tcase. Your 78 tcase is a 16spline Tcase and the H55 Tcase is a 19spline which will need the oiler cup. But it's my understanding that these H55F's will come with Tcases attached so it should not be an issue. And yes they will bolt directly in place of your existing H42 Transmission that is probably there now. They use the same bell housing pattern as USA Toyota LC 4speeds.
Hope that helps. .And no I'm not affiliated just one of the local Kansas City Cruiserheads that is chock full of Cruiser info..
I'll take 'em all for $25

read the rules...post a price ;)

FF price?
Prices info and better descriptions

Sorry, I am new to this and I did not realize that posting price right away was a big deal. I will make sure NOT to do that again.

OK, first I need to explain a few things about the parts.

1)5 speeds come complete with T case and shifters. They have been removed from their trucks complete and not seperated. They go as a package. $1500 delivered to KC. Addtional frt or delivery is extra.

2)The diesel setup came from a 1983 BJ40 and it includes motor, 5 speed, T case. It also includes quite a few other parts, but I have not gotten the list yet from my supplier. As soon as he responds to my email, I will post the details. It sells as a package. $5500 delivered to KC. Additional frt or delivery is extra.

3)The floater is $400 delivered to KC. Additional frt or delivery is extra.

The shipment should be here in a 6-10 weeks and it would ship to KC. If we don't have enough parts, I can get more, just let me know.

Does the FF rear come with the third? Factory LSD?

(Newb question) Is the FF a centered diff?

dtrain said:
Does the FF rear come with the third? Factory LSD?

(Newb question) Is the FF a centered diff?

The ff will be the same as what is your 60, just ff. It will be off center diff, open carrier and drum brake. hope this helps
Thanks Eric for the clarification on the FF.

Here is more info on the diesel set up: It will include everything I consider you need to do a swap,trans mounts,A/C hoses, the whole wiring loom if you want, if I think you need it I will send it.
OK, is anyone interested in the diesel setup? Rear end? I have the 5 speeds sold. I can get more 5 speeds, but I like to order two at a time. Thanks Craig
Update On Parts

OK..I just got an email from my supplier and he said that the diesel fell through. I am not sure what happened, but there is nothing that I can do about it now. I have asked him to keep me informed on other parts that come in, and I will keep posting those items as I here. Sorry to all the guys that were interested. I will check whether or not the rear end is still coming.
Are you able to get other stuff like non-us grab bars, 60 rear sway bars, rear sliders? I am might have quite a bit of success with those items. I would be into the FF rear but funds are low right now. Good luck!
Last Update

Hi everyone...

I am so sorry for all the confusion on parts. I thought that selling these "extra" parts was a good idea, but apparently I got a little ahead of myself. My guy overseas called me at home the other day and apologized for the confusion. I guess he thought that he had a few units purchased and his guy backed out. He seems to an honest guy, just too many people involved in the deal. We are NOT getting the rear end, the diesel, and I think that we are getting one less 5 speed unit. I will send personal emails to those who sent them to me and clarify what we have. From now on, I will NOT place a post unless we are sure that we have a part coming. If you want something in particular, let me know. When I talk to my guy, I will pass on the requests. I hope that there are no hard feelings, I don't want to have a bad rep. I will buy the first round of drinks if any of us ever meet at an event!

To answer the last post about other parts, yes we can. Those "little things" will be easy to add to the bigger shipments. My guy knows to give me a heads up on what he has. Hopefully we can get some more "big stuff" for everyone and then toss in the little things for a little extra. This shipment will not have any extras, because he just cleaned house.


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