Did Scout's have Dana 44's and which rigs had them for FJ40

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Jun 8, 2003
I have found several old Scout's in a field of a neighbor. Does anyone know which Scout's had the best drivetrain's for 4 wheeling. I had heard once that some Scout's had Dana 44 setup's.

Which years had the Dana 44's? and how much of these old beasts should I take (tranny, t-case, driveline etc? to convert a cruiser in a few years to a 350 with chevy auto tranny and dana 44's?
The scout II has narrow 44's. IIRC they are 59" center to center. I think the years are 72-80. If you find an 80 it should have a dana 300 xfer and t-19 tranny. There is some differences between the IH tranny and the Ford, but I don't recall the details.

The engines are sized like the AMC engines (304, 360), but have completely different bolt patterns.

Check out http://www.binderbulletin.org/ they seem to have good information.
yep, later years had the 44's, many with stock limited slips. D300 is a good case, others likely not worth the effort to pull.

You will have to switch to a center-output t-case to run a rear D44, and IIRC, the front is drivers drop as well.

The International motors (304 and 345) are beasts for weight and best left in the boneyard.
Just thought i would drop my .o2. Didn't broncos have front d44s with a passenger side drop on the front?
There's a guy on VMP just before you cross the river towards State that has about 10 or more Scouts on his lot in various states of repair. I would ask him about what axles came with a Scout.

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