Did I Just kill my transmission?!

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May 31, 2011
Asheville, NC
I have a 4-speed manual FJ60. Yesterday as I was driving down a hill I and let off the gas my car sounded quite a bit louder. I meant to check the fluids when I got home but forgot.

Today I made it 1 mile from my house and all hell broke loose. All of a sudden the engine was loud but the car had no power and was slowing down. I changed gears and it did nothing for power and as I finally came to a stop (I was trying to get off the main road and needed to go up a hill to do so.) it was because the car would not go any further. There was loud clanking and after we towed it home we realized that you could no longer engage the gears... putting it into first was the same as leaving it in neutral. When I turn on the car there is now a constant clanking and of course it does not engage and cannot be driven...

Have I blown my transmission completely? Where can we find a detailed diagram of the transmission and clutch assembly? We are going to have to start taking it apart and need more info that the Hanes Manual gives us...

Any suggestions are appreciated!
When you said "engine was loud" did you mean that the RPMs increased? Check your transmission oil level - if you can feel the oil with your pinky through the hole the transmission is prolly OK. If not, you may have had it leak to the transfer case (common problem). Then check the transfer case oil.

One or both could be fried. Good thing is 4-speeds are cheap on Mud, tcases not so much.

And now for my noob nudge: put your location in your sig line so your neighbors will offer to help.
Could be your pressure plate came loose, even your flywheel could have come loose...I've seen both happen. Look at your clutch...

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