Did i buy the right weight springs?

May 31, 2010
It is time to rebuild my shocks so I figured I would swap in a new pair of springs as well. I am running a set of old (200,000 mile) OME 861/862 with 40mm spacers all round. The hight is OK for me. I wouldn't mind .5-1" higher in the front. Rear needs a full 1" more but mostly a stiffer springs in the rear. The rear as it is now is sagging a little. I am about 21.75" or so at all 4 corners empty truck.

Truck is about 6000lb on a scale at the dump. Up front TJM aluminum front bumper, dual batt, M12000 with synthetic line. Middle has metaltech sliders, gamiviti roof rack and bump it off road skidplate Rear has 4x4 labs dual swing out with their ladder and tire carrier and a 35" spair, also a oem 9 gal rear sub tank and recovery gear. A few times a year I carry around 500lb of gear in the truck, also pull a SMALL dirt bike trailer that is less than 1000lb with both bikes. Maybe 100lb tounge weight.

Caster numbers are really good with the wits ends caster plates welded in so I dont want to change the hight much. Also love my Radflo shocks so didnt want to change shocks.

I know there are all sorts of fancy springs on the market now. I just dont think I needed anything exotic. The OME are tried and true, a known product. Both Slee Off road and Cruiser Outfiters recommended the 850/863 so that is what I went with. I am going to install them tomorrow. I am a little worried I should have gotten the 860. What do you guys think?

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Jul 25, 2014
Coalinga, CA
860 rear coils are 220# rate. You would not like those.
862 coils are 170/260# rate
863 are 250# single rate.
866 are 240/300 dual rate.

850 are 220# rate
861 are 170/250#
They coils you had were stronger coils.

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