Did anyone see this new FJ instrument panel?

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I think it is cool as hell!!! But not 600 bucks worth of cool...
Not exactly for the purist retro cruiser head.
Putting aesthetics aside for a moment, I put a digital speedo/tach combo in the 40. Love it. Accurate as hell.

But guess what? the LEDs are not worth a damn in rough usage. I have a boatload of led's out in just two years of offroad usage, and the tach portion did not survive more than a year.
da)(! 600 bones!!
plenty of other major upgrades/repairs available for that kind of coin.
I like the idea in theory,but the asthetics need to be improved to more closely blend with those of a vintage Toyota vehicle. Really like the flexibility to add a tach, and the ability to customize.
what was wrong with an OEM analog panel :confused:


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