For Sale Dick Cepek Crusher Tires 285/75R16

May 11, 2011
Wilmington NC
Selling my set of Dick Cepek Crusher Tires sized 285/75R16

Have 5 total tires (4) with 90% tread or less than 2k road miles and (1) Brand new (spare w/ no roadmiles)
Asking $975 or open for possible trade deal that we can work out. Im willing to throw cash back at you. (looking for factory front locked axle or maybe rear swing carrier.)

they run about $260 new on summit racing with no shipping

I just felt like going up to 315s tires so nothing is wrong with them, been trying for local buyer on craigslist but most ppl want to trade me crap. (bows, raccoon furs, magic potions etc)

Willing to meet ya half way if its reasonable.

Im currently over in the middle east/asia area right now for work and will be home in about week or so.

Tires are located in Wilmington NC.

Save yourself about 400 bucks and shoot me a pm.

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