diagnosis anyone???

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Mar 12, 2003

76 2f

i drove home to housotn from austin the other day at about 3400rpm just for the hell of it. normally i don't run it over 3000rpm. my speedometer is down but i guess my speed between 75-80mph.

anyhow i have a nice new little noise. i drove back to austin and it didnt get any worse. its a very high pitched sound, it rises and falls with rpms but stops making the sound around 2000. it is comming from the distributor side of the motor, right down around the distribotr. i haven't isolated the sound any more than that. its not grinding or clunking or anything just a higher pitch wine (if you will) sometimes it desides to stop irregularly. the sound is there in or out of gear....

i had something else to say.......oh yeah, for any sort of super technical diagnosis my dip stick housing now pulls out easily (maybe its making the sound)
Sounds to me like you could have a bad bearing. It's a little archaic but in a pinch it will do (take a loooong screwdriver, put it to your ear and probe around the noise). Make sure to check all belt driven accessories as well as the belts themselves. Could be something that simple. Do you live in Houston? What part? Worst comes to worst you could bring it by and some local Cruiserhead buddies of mine and I could take a look at it.

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