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Sep 7, 2008
The Rotten Apple
I have a 2006 LC, 150k miles, original starter began clicking when starting about a month ago. First one click, then two clicks, when it reached four clicks I decided to to replace it while it still WOULD start. Had mechanic put in new starter, Denso rebuild, two weeks ago. About a week ago there was some hesitation when starting but I disregarded it. This morning, 4 clicks, then LC would not start. Any idea what it could be? Faulty rebuild from Denso? Mechanic error when installing? Another problem I am missing? Any help diagnosing this problem and getting LC running again greatly appreciated.
battery good?
connections at battery good?
good grounds?
This sounds like more of a battery/cable issue.
Sure enough connection to battery terminal was loose - applied some dielectric grease, tightened her up, and problem solved!

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