Detroit Electrac™ - Anyone interested?



Oct 11, 2002
Denver, CO
Tractech, Inc. (makers of NoSPIN® / Detroit Locker® , Detroit E-Z Locker™, Detroit Gearless Locker™, Detroit Truetrac®, and Suretrac® /Detroit LSD) are adding the Detroit Electrac™ to their product line-up. This will feature a limited-slip design that also offers full lock-up at the flip of a switch. The small blurb they have for this can be found at:

I inquired as to the possibility of a Electrac for the LC axle, and was told that Tractech was definitely considering the possiblity, but that it would be a year or so down the road. :(

I'm hoping that I can get some fellow members that are interested in this to contact Tractech (just ask about the future availability of the Electrac for your LC). Hopefully, if we get enough inquiries in to them, they will actually step up the R&D for us!!

Tractech can be contacted by filling out this form:
Dec 23, 2002
personally, I think this is a great idea. I really liked my Trutrac up front until I started breaking R&Ps and birfs from working the brake to lock it up. I'm now running a Detroit which I like also (always on) but the ability to switch between the two formats would be awesome.

just chiming in here...

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