Dessicant/dehumidifier recos for snow country interior moisture?

Oct 16, 2019
Truckee ca
Hey there mudders, I did a search and didn't find anything specifically discussing this issue.

We live in snow country and are constantly bringing snow into our vehicles via snowy boots and ski gear.
I have WeatherTech mats in all the vehicles so the carpets aren't getting soaked, but there is still a ton of moisture in them from all that snow.

This leads to fogged up and iced up interior windows. Which is a PITA.

I've been poking around the internet looking for solutions and I figured some type of desiccant packs in the vehicles is the best solution.
Amazon sells a bunch of different styles, some disposable some reusable, all with mixed reviews of course.

Does anybody have any real world feedback on addressing this issue? Any products to recommend or stay away from?

Thanks in advance
Jan 2, 2006
Breckenridge, CO
Leave a window cracked during the day when it's above freezing. If everything is closed up the water vapor can't escape and you get fogged up window that ice up when it gets below freezing.

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