Desmog: JimC's or fireman1802 (eBay Motors)

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You can replace your smog pump with an idler pully that bolts on in place of the pump. No need to do a full desmog if you don't want to right now.

SOR has idler pully's, and so does Jim C.
I have that one on my 60 now, and like it (as much as you could like a dead pulley, anyway). It's given no problems in around 4 months now. Came with everything I needed, and reasonably clear instructions as to how to bolt it on.

I'd much rather have gotten the one from JimC (if nothing else for the fact that he's just about the only reason we could even figure a desmog out in the first place, and a mud vendor), but I was stuck with a seized pump as well and needed something fast.
Any of them will work fine, but I have Jim C.'s 'cuz I like to give my business to MUD vendors and Jim does sprinkle his seeds of wisdom around here quite a bit. For that reason alone, he should get your business.
Thanks for the info. Yeah, SOR's website indicates they no longer offer the smog pump eliminator kit. And not worth waiting on JimC since it seems the part from fireman1802 will work and it seems high quality. The eBay feedback from two customers was positive too.
I would use JimC for sure.....

Jim has usually a few of those pulleys in stock ready to be shipped out. I got some stuff from him and it was a quick turn around. Stuff like doesn't matter how busy he is.....he still gets it out fast.

Here is Jim's Vendor thread

I have learned the best way is to send him a payment and in day or so you got your tracking number with your part in the mail......

X3 on Jim C.
Shipped smog pump replacement idler pulley fast. It's the dizzy recurves and carb rebuilds that can take time, but worth the wait.
up from the dead smog pulley

I also need a smog pump pulley and would love to do buiz with a vendor here but Jim C hasnt answered my emails and i need one pretty quick.. amy other vendors here selling one??
thanks Dave
Jim C is a one man band doing high quality cruiser work.
It may take some time to get a reply.
Have patience.
spike yea i found that in a search and it looks like the route I will go i just have been bad busy and didnt really have the time to fab one up.. but i have waited about as long as i can.. fab it is !! thanks alot..
I am sure Jim C does great work and is a fellow cruiserhead but its been almost 2 months since i have contacted him and got on a list, then i havent gotten any replies on email so I will make one, no big deal, i went through that a few years ago on a carb rebuild as well..... thanks though...
Jim C all the way!

Got my pulley and plugs a week or so after initially contacting Jim. Paypaled him and it was sitting there at my door. Could have probably gotten the plugs from the HW store but Jim has taken a lot of time to help walk us through these desmogs and for idiots like me, that counts for a lot!

He's got my dissy now.

Oh, this is all within the last three weeks.
I bought the pulley kit off of fireman and live a little bit away from him in Nashville, he was super helpful and ended up meeting me out of his way to get me the air rail plugs. But I also think he quit selling them on Ebay. I know he reads mud and has a sweet rusty 60, but I'm not sure if he posts on here.
i purchased a kit from fireman before i joined the forum i was happy with the kit and instructions. from what i have read on here you can devein your smog so it no longer pumps.:wrench: if the pump veins are the reason your smog is locked up you might be able to just devein it? you have to remove it to do a idler anyways so you dont stand to lose anything by trying ?
found in a thread somewhere to check with Classic Cruisers in Salida Co. I found they do offer a idler $89.95
cheapest I have seen...
Picture attached

I have a 60 series pulley kit available and am a Mud guy. Installation is easy...send me an e-mail to or visit my link in signature.

Picture of my very affordable kit attached. Unbolt smog pump, bolt in new bracket, re-use tensioner from smog pump.

Thanks! -Mike

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