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Sep 26, 2003
Lancaster, Ohio, USA
Edit: Please try ordering parts on the new TLC Performance webstore. If it doesn't work, please let me know. Thanks!

This thread lists the useful desmog parts that are made or sourced for engine builds & PS swaps in the TLC Performance global headquarters.

Note that actually removing federally mandated smog equipment from a street legal vehicle is against the law. These components will allow the use of later model engine and steering parts in earlier Land Cruisers.

All parts are currently in stock, unless indicated otherwise in the description.

First is the v.3.3 AIR pump idler pulley for 81-87 2F with factory PS pump. The bracket is made of laser cut 1/4" plate and DOM tubing. The bracket is welded together but is designed so the welds are all redundant, bolts are also holding it together when assembled. The pulley wheel is made in USA and fits wide (Cruiser) belts. Assembly drops into stock lower pivot bracket, uses stock upper tension bracket and keeps stock belt size for easy replacements. Pulley wheel is a standard industrial part that can be easily replaced from a motion supply house or lawnmower store.

The tension drawbolt will still work with the lockbolt, but I don't recommend actually using the drawbolt to tension the pulley. The drawbolt is there to assist in moving the awkward air pump and fighting the stiff air hoses. Reasonable belt tension (it doesn't need much) can be achieved by simply yanking out on the pulley by hand, then tightening the lockbolt & pivot. Once a moderately snug belt is set, then the draw bolt can be slipped onto the lockbolt and tightened up, to insure the idler doesn't move in.

This piece is necessary on a Cruiser using a stock 81-87 PS pump. The PS pump picks the alternator belt up off the fan, leaving only the air pump to tension the fan belt. If the vehicle doesn't have an air pump, then this idler can be used to restore the needed fan belt tension function.

Price is $110, plus $8 PriorityMail shipping.

PayPal can be sent to fj40jim a t gmail do t com.

If purchasing more than one component (see post below for others), shipping is still $8 for the total order. All 3 will just fit in a small flat rate box.
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Desmog Components, Pt. 2

The second handy desmog component is the cap & plug set.

Standard version includes:
  • 6 allen head plugs for AIR port in head
  • 2 allen plugs for the BVSV(s) in t-stat housing
  • pair of black hi-temp vinyl 22 & 25mm caps for air cleaner hose barbs
Price is $10, plus S&H.

The third handy desmog component is the EGR blockoff plate for 2/76-later 2F exhaust manifolds. This bolts to the bottom of the exhaust manifold to block the hole where EGR pipe exits (and leaks) from the bottom of the manifold. This new plate is milled from a chunk of steel. Note the proper design that replicates the pilot going up into the manifold, to help locate the gasket & protect the gasket from direct exposure to exhaust pressure. Also note how thick the bolting flange is, in comparison to the stock sheetmetal piece that always warps & leaks.
Price is $30.

A new 25628-61060 EGR gasket is also recommended for the above blockoff. The 61060 graphite OEM gasket is the best available for this location.
Price is $17.

A fourth handy part is now available, the threaded EGR Intake manifold plug. Fits 81-87 intake manifold side plate with 26mm thread. Custom machined in USA.
Price is $30.


If buying more than one item, shipping is still just $8 total for a full set of desmog components in one small Flatrate box.
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is the pulley good quality? does it use a bearing or ?
It's made in US of glass reinforced nylon w/ a sealed ball bearing pressed into the center. It is not serviceable, but if the bearing poops out, a new pulley can be had for less than $20.

Flackery from the Mfg:
* Molded of premium quality, high-strength, glass-reinforced nylon composite
* Insertion molded ABEC 1 high-precision bearings
* Precision sealed bearings are greased for life — never need relubrication
* State-of-the-art precision molding assures consistent quality parts
* Finite Element Stress Analysis (FEA) assures superior product performance
* Stringent product testing and quality checks ensure that you only get the best products for years of dependable service
# Light-weight
# Corrosion resistant
# Quiet
# Reduced axial and radial runout
# Excellent concentricity

Noah, I responded to your email, but it bounces back for some reason...
To answer your email Q:

This pulley is only needed if the Sag pump is mounted on the same belt
as the alternator. In that case the belt routing is crank-PS-alt and

When I fab a PS bracket, I setup the belts: crank-WP-alt and
crank-PS-WP. I prefer this method because there is no need for a dead
idler, and there are 2 belts turning the WP, so if either the alt or
PS poops out, the dead belt can be removed and the vehicle is still
driveable w/ the one belt spinning the WP.

Paging Jim C.

Jim would you mind PMing me your number want to talk to you about sending you my carb and dizzy for rebuild/desmog/recurve.. Droped you a couple emails but I know your a busy man....Thanks

paypal sent


Just sent you a paypal of $15.00..........too lazy to look for these here in western PA. They got rid of all my ACE hardware stores. Appreciate your help. Thanks much.
Pulley setup

I have used several of Jim's "smog pump eliminator" pulley setups and have never had a problem. Have also had Jim make up a few brackets to use a Toyota mini truck (22R engine) PS pump on a 2F with very satisfactory results. A pat on the back from Shmukster for doing good work! Gary S
Package that was quick !! I may be PM'ing you with some desmog questions if that is OK. Thanks much.
Ordered my plug kits today. Thanks for doing this Jim.:)
Update: shipped the last idler pulley of this batch.

Will be fabbing another batch in the next 1-2 weeks. Email if you're interested and I will add your name to the list to be notified when they are available again.

Plenty of plugs & caps still available.

Thanks for your interest.
Update: shipped the last idler pulley of this batch.

Will be fabbing another batch in the next 1-2 weeks. Email if you're interested and I will add your name to the list to be notified when they are available again.

Plenty of plugs & caps still available.

Thanks for your interest.

I am already using a gutted pump as a pulley, is there any benefit to getting yours Jim besides added space? Please add me to your list I will probably order it, what is the prices on plug kit and pulley?


pulley and air rail plugs

Just sent you paypal for both, thanks Jim. Are the new pulleys ready? About to dive into this project tomorrow with a new Trollhole carb.

Cliff Davis
surprise under hood

I sent you money for the air pump pulley last night. Went out this morning to dive into it and started spraying bolts with PB blaster and noticed my air pump has already been removed. I have a A/C compressor that has not been hooked up and there was no pump or pulley in its place, but the best appears tight and the right size.

So I guess I won't need the pulley, but I really appreciate what you are doing here!

I did have one little question. The EGR coolant looks like its so rusted that it would take a sledge hammer to get it off. Do you actually remove it in a desmog or just disconnect it from the EGR?

Thanks, I'm going to copy this to your gmail account. Still need the airrail bolts.



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