Desiel build 1hzj105r

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Jan 23, 2022
Doing a build on a 1hz out of a 1998. Toyota landcruiser 1hzj105r. Now here is my problem I don't know stuff all about. Turbos the turbo what was on it originally in my opinion was to small. This is what I've done no stock engine rebuild. Forged crank. Blueprint Balanced. Forged Conrods. Blueprint Balanced. Forged pistons ceramic coated 40 Tho over sized. Custom Built Head. Bigger water port in front of the head. Ported out inlet. And out let. Valves shimed. Forged Lumpy Cam. Now I have new injectors 12 months ago do I run with them or go a Bigger injector. Be getting 12mm compensated pump. Be putting cross country twin thermo intercooler. Also putting a 4 inch stainless snorkel. All ready have 3 inch exhaust system. So what size Turbo you think suit this build. An do I use same injectors or go Bigger Injectors. Need a good quality turbo to suit. What's ppls thoughts on these Verable vain Manafolds
That's the Turbo that was on my engine when purchased the 105 serries



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