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I have a set in my 80… using them along with Planted brackets and Scheel Mann Vario XXLs. It takes the seat/brackets from good to great. This makes seating exceptionally comfortable, even for a 6’9”+ driver.
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My name is Steve and I run DesertDoesIt. We are a fairly new small business out of St. George Utah/Las Vegas Nevada that specializes in Seat Jackers and seat Multi Mount Panels (MMP). We started in late 2019 making Seat Jackers for Tacomas and have recently ventured into the Land Cruiser world. Our goal is to make useful niche products to improve the comfort and utility of your vehicle. All of our products are unique to Desert Does It, designed in house, machined, and powder coated in the US (Southern Utah).

We have a products for 80 Series through 200 Series and most other Toyota/Lexus Trucks and SUVs from 1995 to current. My business partner Joe has a full machine shop with multiple CNCs lathes and mills, we also have access to plasma/laser/water jet cutters (he also just picked up an 80 Series).

Current products for Land Cruiser parts:

I may post separate threads to give folks a place to ask detailed questions or request more info but until then, please post questions here.

Looking forward to feedback,
Desert Does It
Hey guys new here im sorrry i cant figure out how to make my own thread. My question is, is this too much rust on the under carriage of a 2008 LX570 88000 miles?





Got the seat jackers installed in my '21, and it's night and day! 100% recommend to any taller folks out there!
Just ordered a set for the doscientos. Can’t wait to slap them on
Have them in my GX460 and 4Runner.

One note, I do have to recline the passenger seat in the 4Runner so my head doesn't hit the ceiling. I didn't notice driving. I am 6'5"

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