DEPO glass replacement headlamp and fog lamp

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Apr 18, 2005
Houston, TX
Finally have a chance to unbox the Depo replacement glass headlamp for 98-05 LHD LC. As expected, very good quality glass lamp, not plastic lamp, fit and finish is excellent for aftermarket lamp. Fog lamp are pretty good as well. Both headlamp and fog lamp feel solid and heavy. Great for factory replacement lamp. This is not a for sale thread, just to let you guys know this is available and I carry this but only with left driver headlamp for now, but eventually will have both and right side, put the wrong part number when ordered. So ended up with 40 sets of driver side lamps. :bang: Gotta get the right side lamp in the next shipment.

Please refer to the following thread for price and availability:
For Sale - DEPO replacement glass headlamp Driver Side 98-05

For Sale - Depo Factory Replacement Fog Lamp 100 LC
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How long until you have both headlamps sides available.
Any glass replacement for the LX?

Unfortunately headlamp for LX not available from DEPO. Probably have the fog lamp soon for LX, in progress TBA.
Well, crap. I saw the title, got excited then my hopes were utterly smashed 5 posts up. Tired of riding around with a gorgeous 19y/o on my passenger side and a yellow 4-5 year old on my driver. (Headlight of course. Haha)

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