Depo clear glass switched to the old toyota headlight?

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Jan 10, 2014
BC, Canada
Hi, A while a go I purchased the Depo clear headlights, I like the way they look but hate the bulbs, hate the beam projection. When I took the old Toyota glass headlights out I noticed how better quality the plastic shrouds, headlight adjusters are with Toyota version (reason I switched is the glass had stone chips both sides and depo was cheaper new to replace)

Could I remove the glass from the depo headlights and re-glue it to my old Toyota ones? Anyone tried this? Thanks
No. Toyota OEM lights have the reflectors built in the glass, hence the 'frosted' appearance. Depos are clear glass with reflectors inside the housing. Swapping them would mess with the way light is projected.
thanks, that saves me allot of cooking and gluing :)
Thought about converting them to HID projectors..worth every penny. Here's a low beam shot

HID projector retrofit is the way to go. :)
Agree 100% that the HID's are worth every penny...... and 100 watt h1 highs really help.

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