For Sale Denver, Colorado, TJM T17 Front Bumper for 100 series (Testing the waters)

Oct 21, 2018
OK- so here's the deal- I bought the TJM T17 bumper for my 2003 LX470 in the fall of 2019 (I think). I purchased the bumper and winch plate (a little over $1000 when you include shipping at the time) and installed it with a Smittybuilt winch. I later added 2 Amazon special "fog Lights," which crapped out within the year. In order to mount them I had to drill mounting holes in the bumper, but I painted said holes and expect minimal corrosion here in Denver. Since then i have had no untoward incidents with the bumper, and only winched a log across a truck yard on a removal job, more so to see how it worked than anything. I also added Trail Tailor front recovery points (as the TJM has no provision for front recovery). These were $80 + $32 for bolts from Jason. I rattle canned them black. they would go with the bumper. So all in, I'm at $1132 or so, plus the crappy lights. To be clear, I plan to keep the winch, but not the TJM winch mount.

Since then, I bought and assembled the 4x4 Labs rear bumper. Since then I'm feeling a serious interest in buying and mounting 4x4 Labs' front kit on my LX in place of the TJM. If the rear bumper is any indication, the 4X4 Labs bumper is more robust, and I like the lines and front hoop better.

What I am thinking is to sell the TJM to someone local (or who is willing to drive to Denver). It offers significantly more protection that the stock bumper, and looks much more appropriate to the 100 series Land Cruiser or LX470 than the factory piece, and you can mount a winch in it. I see it as a win/win, since the TJM bumper has gone up $200 ($949.99 bumper + $154.99 winch plate) since I bought it, and the purchaser would save on shipping (for which I paid +/-$130). The powder coat on my bumper is what I would classify as good, as it's not perfect having lived in the weather for two years but lacks major flaws. We might even be able to work out mounting it to your truck in my garage, as I'm getting somewhat used to the process. My hope is to solidify this arrangement before having the 4x4 labs kit shipped to my house, as my LX is my daily, and I need to be ready to build the new bumper before you come to collect my TJM, or almost immediately after. I'm anticipating my new bumper kit to cost me something like $1095 shipped.

Any interest? If no one is interested I'll suck it up and continue to run the TJM.

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