SOLD Denver: 5 100 series 18" Tundra TRD wheels with 285/65r18 KO2s.

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Oct 21, 2018
Local sale only, Colorado Front Range- I bought these wheels and tires when I first got my LX470 three years ago. They've been great, but I always intended to either paint them all black or go to 16" wheels. I made the switch to 16s, and instead of covering up any potential issues I'm selling them "as is." I think the tires would be fine to run as a stop gap (3 have 5mm of tread depth, one has 3, and one is badly worn from toe in- suitable as a spare, but only that) before you spring for new tires. These would be fine for a while. Only the spare has any sidewall damage. I'm frankly surprised at how well they're wearing, so my new tires are KO2s also. I plow snow in the winter, and all our fleet plow trucks have KO2s on them. I have never had an issue in the snow with them. The wheels do have some rock rash, but nothing that impacts balance or performance. I just drove up to Estes and back on them (from South Denver) this weekend without issue. They look great when clean and polished. Again, I could clean them up and make the issues disappear, but that seems uncool.

$500 for all five, lug nuts not included. Center caps (4) have been clearance to fit over the front hub without spacers.





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I am flying into Denver and headed to Greendwood, CO to pickup my LX to drive back to SoCal, where exactly is the CO front range? I am interested.
If you’re referencing Greenwood Village I’m just south of there in Highlands Ranch. When are you coming in?

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