SOLD Delano, MN - 4 Rock Warrior Wheels (SOLD) + BFG KO2 Tires + SpiderTrax 1.25" Spacers

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Aug 24, 2014
United States
I have a set of 4 Rock Warriors in excellent condition mated to 275/70/17 Firestone Destination X/T e-rated tires. The tires & spacers have 150 miles on them. I bought them for my 2002 LX470 since I didn't think it was going to sell, but it did and the buyer didn't want these. All 4 wheels are in excellent condition. I am willing to ship and figure all that out, but will not share in the cost. If you're not local and want them, you'll need to add shipping costs on top. If you are local, I am willing to do some driving and help get them delivered. I also make it up to north-central MN (Park Rapids) on a fairly regular basis so we could work something out if you're in that area.

I have a few options, listed in order of preference:
1) $2,000 FIRM: Full package of RW's + Firestone's + Spacers
2) $1,500 FIRM: RW's + Spacers, but mounted with 275/70 E-Rated BFG KO2's that have 17k on them (pictured with the quarter for tread depth - from my Tacoma)

3) Separate things out: $1000 RW's; $200 Spacers; tires 275/70/17 E Rated BFG KO2's with 17k miles and a date code of 2417 (24th week of 2017) for $400.

Again, all shipping costs will be the buyer's expense. Please try to estimate your own shipping. The Rock Warrior boxes are 20"L x 20"W x 10"H and I estimated 25lbs per wheel.




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Rock Warriors are pending sold - I'll update the original ad upon confirmation of payment/shipping to the new owner.
Updated first post - RW's are SOLD. Firestone tires are now on my Tacoma so I have the BFG KO2's available instead, and the SpiderTrax spacers still available.
Shipping via UPS Ground from Slee to me was $28. I assume it's be the same/similar.
Spacers, wheels, and tires have all been sold.

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