defroster hoses for '71 FJ40?

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Dec 19, 2005
Washington, PA

I bought my FJ with a reconditioned heater but no defroster tubes from the heater to the windows via the underdash. They seem to be out of stock on (and are $60/side when in stock!)

Has anyone made these? The main problem seems to be the bends.

check with Napa. I didn't get mine there but when searching for something else, they claimed to have fitting aftermarkets for these.
if you have a vacum cleaner repair shop in town check with them, i remember reading on here about some one using vacum cleaner hose of some sort and it was really cheap too.
any flexi tubing should be made to work w/o much trouble. $60 is outrageous and unneccessary
For the fittings into the heater try going to your local plumbing supply house and tell then you want 2" ABS Street 90's. The outer hub will fit the heater and then you can just use a straight section of flexible vent.
I have a defrost hose!!! Just one side though and I'm not sure it is the left or right... I bought it on eBay last year and never used it. It has a small tear on one of the ends but def workable. I'd use a black zip tie just to make sure it stayed.

$12 plus the ride. PM me if you are interested.
Just saw some hoses at Home Depot today. They were with other repair parts for central vac systems. They had a bunch of elbows and other fittings too. Might be worth taking some measurements and checking them out.

Wow, thanks, guys. That's at least five ideas in no time. I'm sure I'll be able to piece something together now.

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