Decked drawers modified to fit Land Cruiser?

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Oct 5, 2006
Has anybody used a Decked drawer setup in a Land Cruiser? I've searched and don't find any threads even discussing the product on Mud. I ask as we have removed all the seats from the rear of our HZJ77 and I want to put in a full length drawer/storage system. It seems one of the Decked systems could be modified to fit. This is the product DECKED® Truck Bed Tool Boxes & Organizers and Cargo Van Storage System. I would think with all the seats removed the back wouldn't be much different than a small/mid size truck bed. I see two benefits one, its full length six feet and a complete solution. Two, they are cheap relative to Land Cruiser specific options, new $1150-1250 but lots of them around used now $500-900.
I've looked at those as well, but haven't looked into it enough to see if there is a model close enough to fit with modifications.
I had a set of Decked drawers in my Tacoma. They are quite sturdy, but make very, very, VERY poor use of space. You will lose a TON of potential storage volume.

You would likely be better off finding another set of truck drawers, or building your own.

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