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Anthony. aka arich
Apr 20, 2004
New York
We have a 1999 100 that we bought from a dentist off lease in 2004 with 20,000. That's right on a 5 years lease he drove 4,000 city mile per year. It now has 68,000 and has been great. Previously we had a 1998 and drove that to 100,000 without much drama. Only had to change brakes, fluids and the starter motor.

Anyway the 99 just had it's brakes done and this past winter I changed the shock for Bilsteins. We had the alignment done after the torsions bars were adjusted for "sag" in the front end. We have 06 wheel power-coated to match the shadow black emblems. Truck is still nice and my wife loves it.

Well, the dentist call me the other night and offered me his 2005 LC with 35,000. He's getting ready to trade it in after 4 years for a new LX. Looks like the buyout will be between 30 and $34,000. I'm trying to weigh the benefits of spending another $2000 for a truck that's 6 years newer. for the last 9 years my 100s have been great to me and this 99 has been exceptional.

Honestly besides the 5 speed transmission and the lack of orange in the taillight. What will I be gaining? Is there anything in about the 99 that would make me want to get rid of it before it gets "old?" Is there anything about the 05 that makes it $20000 better than the 99? Mileage wise were looking at a 33,000 difference which isn't really that much.

THIRD option. By the 05 keep the 99 and ditch the 5 series BMW wagon. Problem is I hate commuting in the LC. If anyone is from Westchester county, NY I commute down the Bronx River Parkway which is like commuting on a twisty racetrack everyday.

Thanks for you opinions and advice.

BTW: Surprisingly, my wife couldn't care less. I guess I'll keep her!
WHAAAAT? I love going down the BRP in my LX! I live in westchester too.

"upgrading" as some may call it to the 2005 is all subjective. Do you have the money ready at hand to plop down on the newer 100? With the 05 you get the redesigned interior and A-TRAC which some SWEAR by here. The 05 has other cosmetic changes like the front grille area and like you mentioned the tail lights.

If you had the 98 and went to a 99 which wasnt much of any change, why not just get the 05 which is much "improved"? Personally I like the 00-02 and 06-07s. The 03-05 is just not enough "change" from my truck to make me want to get it. But the difference from an 98-99 which includes the addition of ATRAC might make it reasonable.

PS: I think ill take the BRP to class today instead of the hutch.

Need to hear the Borla on the LX!!! Where do you live?
moved to new ro last year. PM me, Im usually free except early afternoon...thats when I have classes :-(
For what it's worth - I have a '00 and an '05 and I say take the '05 if you can afford it.

I personally think the comfort features of the '05 are worth it IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT. Hard to put a price tag on a paid for vehicle with no payments. Especially on a 100 that will run forever.

I say stay in with the dentist and plan on trading when he trades if you can. Let him take the major depreciation and you pick up a great ride. Always good to know what you're buying if he takes good care of his vehicles, you like the color, etc.

You're also getting out of the 90K service on your '99 if you sell which will save you a couple of thousand down the road depending on who does it.

Good luck with the decision - and I promise your wife will be grateful if you show up in the '05.
get the 05. no question. i had a 98 and now drive an 03. the difference is night and day. steering is improved. ride seems smoother, and its quieter.
I don't know first-hand about the LC, but I can tell you my '03 LX is MUUUUUUCH nicer than my '99 LX! Not to mention all of the greatly-improved safety features (which is one of the main reasons I upgraded - and since you own a late-model BMW, it must be important to you too), my '03's steering is MUCH more responsive, it's quieter overall, the difference in the brake feel is 4-wheel disc vs. 4-wheel drum, etc., etc., etc. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVED my '99. I never would have believed it, but my '03 just seems that much better..............Some here have questioned the reliability of the non-Aramark 100's (which - guys, correct me if I'm wrong - started on '04), but notwithstanding that, hands down, I'd go with the '05
I don't care what year 100 one has.....if it only has 68,000 miles like yours IT IS YOUNG! I'd save the money for a future buy. You gain some perks but whether you have an 98, my 2001, his have a 100.

Save your cash unless you have an endless wallet. Hell, I couldn't justify selling my 2001 and getting 200-series. Not worth it until mine is OLD and WORN OUT.
The safety features alone make this a no brainer. You hope to never use em, but they could save you a lot of grief. More power and economy. Go for it.
Ditch the BMW...... :D
Six years is a big difference for any car, especially where the winters are cold and roads are salted. Put stiffer shocks on the '05 for the curvy highway.
Six years is a big difference for any car, especially where the winters are cold and roads are salted. Put stiffer shocks on the '05 for the curvy highway.

its not even curvy, the roads kind of randomly snap into different directions, its really odd.
One could get those big 24" bling wheels and 2" lowering springs to lower the center of mass.:)

I think the point my question was lost here. If I wanted something to handle the curves I'd ditch the 99 100 and keep the BMW wagon. I don't think there is anything you can do to make the LC handle. Granted the Bilsteins certainly took the slop out but it's just not made to "handle."

If I buy the 2005 100 that will be my wife's. Still waiting for a price but the Dentist said that he's willing to wait until the end of the lease when the toyota will give its best deal. He's considering a new LC200, a LX470, the new Audi Q7 V12 Deisel or the Seqoia (choke)..

I hate to give up a great 100. The 99 is in great shape and mechanically perfect. If I keep it ans get rid of the BMW then I'll have to drive it on the parkway eveyday which honestly compared to the wagon is just plain boring.

Don't hate me for saying this but I get no pleasure out of driving the 100. It's great for long trips or to take to the beach fishing but as an eveyday vehicle....well I like something that handles better.


Keep the 99 and drive it for another few years or it dies(which could be never) and save up for another better purchase or buy the 2005 for an additional $25,000 on the sale of the 99.

BTW we have the money but it's not burning a hole in our pockets and the kids do a great job of spending it.
so wait, you drive the bmw currently and she drives the 99? If you get rid of the bmw the 99 will become yours and the 05 will be hers?

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