Decent Mileage Considering...

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Jul 1, 2009
Sacramento, CA
Even though my t-case froze on me outside of Barstow, I'm impressed by the gas mileage that I got on the trip to that point. We went over many 9,000+ foot high passes, all of them needing third gear and a few second. Had to use 4WD in the snow in Mesa Verde National Park, was fighting 25+ MPH winds during a lot of the trip and was constantly in and out of third gear climbing over mesas in Arizona and New Mexico. Over roughly 2,400 miles, I averaged 14.6 MPG. Seems pretty good to me, yes?
I just got 14.7 driving from Denver to Moab. Two pretty hard passes (Vail Pass and the Eisenhower tunnel), and a lot of 70mph cruising with 33's and stock gears. I was pleasantly surprised by the mileage, but the trip still cost me over $200 in gas :eek:
I was cruising around 75 a lot. My cruiser just seems to settle in at that speed, which also surprised me. Our trip cost about $850 for gas - less than I expected! I was figuring on 12 - 13 MPG.

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