For Sale Decatur GA 80 series Lug Nuts, suspension springs, shocks and stuff (2 Viewers)

May 7, 2016
Decatur GA
Just cleaning out parts. I have 22 lug centric long lugs, 1 hub centric long, and 5 lug centric Gorilla lugs (short) with correct tool. Suspension is from my 80 series. It is an aftermarket from Spain (Sachs) for an HDJ. It was still great when removed. I just lifted mine so I figured I would see if anyone wanted these. Original ride height. No idea how old they are. Springs could possibly be original. Only reason I think that is the only marking on them is a red, orange, and white dot on one of them. You can see it on the far right spring in the photos. Shocks are Sachs. Also, I have 5 Tundra Wheels (Alloy) with BFG Mud Terrain M/T's. 4 are 265/70/17. One is 255/75/17. Tires are mostly finished but they still have life in them. All well balanced and even but mostly I am just selling for the rims. The rim with the 255 is crazed. I plan to list some control arms but I cannot remember if they have offset bushings already installed. I need to dig them out. If interested let me know and I will get them out.

I would prefer to sell all the lugs together except the hub centric if interested. $20.
Suspension Free
Rims $300
Control Arms $50
Buyer pays for any shipping




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