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Nov 9, 2009
Lyndonville NY
Want to share 1. Something I learned today and 2. Ask a question.

But 1st, I want to thank EVERYONE on iH8. What an an amazing community and I cannot count the number of times I've relied on sage advice I've found here.

1. What I learned today:
That tired Relay Ends can cause "wandering" and the "death wobble". I also learned that it can be patched up with the "Penny Trick". (Although I will still replace them soon - still saving for new springs)

Symptoms: Truck would drift on uneven roads and wander all around when breaking at grooved out stoplights. In addition I had a rogue death wobble that I was chasing off and on for the past 3 years.

I've read every post here related to the wobble and tested / tried all of them. I was able to fix it twice from different symptoms. 1. Bad tie rod. 2 Loose wheel bearing. While the death wobble went away, and the wandering got slightly better, the truck still loved to meander as it wished. Over the course of the next 2 years the wanderlust got much, much worse. Then the wobble returned again too.

Fix (Or at least call it a "hack"): Remove the tension bolt on the relay end and add a nickel (+ a penny if needed) and re-tighten. I did this on both sides and the results were clear. The wandering is gone and that rogue death wobble seems to have gone away with it. So, I figured I would add this bit of info incase anyone else has a similar situation. Never saw the relay end "penny trick" mentioned in a Death Wobble thread. This $.06 hack was very easy to perform. I will say that you should replace the Relay End if its that tired. But in the short term, this worked for me.

2. My Question:
Why isn't there a Death Wobble deep dive in the FAQs? It's such a tough demon to exorcise.

Thanks again!

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