Dead battery after rain?

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Dec 27, 2004
Dallas, TX
Don't worry, I feel about as dumb as the title sounds.

I picked up an '89 with 90K miles last month and it has been running flawlessly. Two weeks ago, I walked out to start it and the battery is dead. Not just kinda dead and won't crank all the way, but dead-dead. I jump it and limp to my friend's garage. I pull the battery off, charge it up, clean the terminals and posts, and put it back on. It fires right up and runs perfectly until last weekend.

I go out to the truck Saturday night and it's completely dead again. I had been paying special attention to making sure everything was off or unplugged when I got out, so I am baffled.

The ONLY similarities between the incidents is that the battery was dead the first time I started it after driving it in the rain. It has only rained two days since I picked the truck up, and the battery has only died on those days after it has rained.

Is there any way that there is moisture getting in to a fuse and causing it to drain the battery or am I just crazy? There is a large clear fuse with a green wire (is this the fuseable link?) that has a chunck taken out of the housing, but nothing looks exposed.

Anyone have any idea?
Right off hand I don't see how rain could be an issue. Maybe, but not likely. I'd start with the basic stuff: is the batt OK, and does it hold a charge, does the alt work OK, etc. Most auto parts stores can test all of these for free.
Nothing electrical works or does it just not turn over.
Unless you have some parasitic loss, it may not be holding a charge.

Completely discharging a starting battery (as opposed to a deep cycle battery) pretty much ruins it, or rather, it greatly shortens it's life.


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