Dead alternator

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Feb 5, 2003
Eagle, ID
So after doing lift. tires, brake lines and breathers, and thinking its smooth sailing and time for fun my alternator decides to go bad. oh well just more wrench time i guess.....any opinions on alternators. OEM, rebuild, mean grean, Any and all suggestions are welcome.......

searched but didnt see an "Offfical alternator thread" just alot of this and that.

so lets hear it what are you guys running.
From what I remember the bearings are pressed on and alot of work to get to. I've always just jammed in the new brushes and called it done. It's actually something I do as preventative maintenance somewhere after 100k.
my rig has 134K (by the way its a 97) and i dont want to do just brushes (although) i wish the PO had done it at around 100K. any one else want to chime in.
HOLDER ASSY, ALTERNATOR BRUSH (for 1FZ): 27370-75060, list $15.72

ALTERNATOR, REMAN: 27060-66070-84, list $333.23 (exchange)
NW-Sickboy, This week I'm in PA so I don't have a manual handy but there is a minimum brush length stated in the FSM that you could check. If it turns freely and they check out as needing replacement I'd gamble the 15.72.
Do they have 2 choices for alt brushes for the 80? plug in style and the solder in one.

In the case of the 80, the brushes come already installed in the holder. So it's pretty easy.
I believe photoman is running the mean green alternator. You can wait for him to reply or do a search. As I recall he was kinda ho-hum about the mean green considering the cost.

Another vote for the $15 gamble. The other $300 would go into the "Feed C-Dan's dogs" fund (aka the Supercharger lust fund)

-B- is correct. I have the Mean Green alternator and starter. They work fine. The only questions in my mind were if they were any different than stock. Both are the same size as stock. I did not notice any difference in the cranking of the starter. I posted a question about how to test the output of the alternator and it seems there was not a good answer; so I can't say how much it is putting out. FWIW I only ran the cruiser for a month or so after the install and then parked it, so I can't even speak to the longevity. Sorry, not much help.
I replace mine because the bearing was going south. I ended up using a Bosch rebuilt for about $240. I would recommend if you replace it to stay with factory or Bosch. All others seem to shortcut on the rebuilding process and go bad in a year or two.

Man, I read this today and was curious because my charge gauge was sitting flat....sure enough...

I lost my alternator on the way home (I think it was gone this morning).

The battery was drained which implies it was dead for a while...I had a new red top in there that kept things going.

I ordered (drum roll) a brand new OEM alternator from a dealer somewhere in the US.

Got a sweet deal me thinks...even paid for next day Fed Ex (ouch!).

I don't know if the 1991 alternator is the same as the later I really don't know if I can compare.

New alternator vs. brushes when it could be a voltage regulator = buy the farm and get piece of mind.


Did they ask you if you had an 80 or 90 amp ? Or ask for the number off of the old tag? It's most likely a 27060-61091-84 It could be a 27060-61100-84 (90 amp, rare) If it was the 27060-61091-84 I hope you didn't pay more than about 250 bucks for it, plus core. ;)

can let you know in the morning.

I was in a pinch and had to order before fedex was done for the day.

I ordered from a known parts department that has a 91 owner as a manager.

I trust the price and the part info.
Just lookin' out for ya.. :)
you have me curious though...

I will post the part number findings in the morning
I'm sure Mr H. knows what he's doing. Never met the guy but know of him. Can you make out the tag on your current (get it?....current) alternator?
Will post that in the morning as well.

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