DashBoard Light on even after removing the key

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Mar 29, 2005
After two days of continuous rain my 95LC dashboard lights remainson . Did any body had the same issue after a rain. What to do i had to remove the battery cable to preserve the battery. Help please.
I had my windscreen replaced by a couple of local yokels and it has leaked ever since. I have had several other windscreen mobs try to seal it up but it still leaks. Anyway whenever it rains heavily I get water dripping down behind the dash onto my feet. Maybe you are getting water into the igntion switch circuit holding a relay on??
You are right i noticed water appearance undre the driver foot. but my front window screen have not been replaced before. how you think the water reached this area? and where to check for losse or water contaminated connectors. Many thanks for your prompt reponse.
I have heard that 80 windscreens can leak if you flex it a lot offroad or you have a roof rack that is not supported properly.
I take it you have a US FZJ80 sorry can't help any more I have an OZ HZJ80 probably completely different. If you have a FSM check the ignition switch circuit and its related components.
I was able to discover the source of the problem. It was the remote keys junction box. So this end my night mare.
Glad to hear you sorted it out.:cheers:

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