Dash lights help

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Jul 21, 2021
Roatan Honduras
Howdy all, Installed an ARB Sahara bumper today and mechanic also fixed a bad oil pressure sensor. While driving home a whole bunch of dash lights came on. Belts are tight, new alternator, new belts.....so a bit stumped about the cause. Any ideas?

We don't see the fuel filter drain light here... but with my hilux, I see it! You got a Diesel!

How is the alternator? OEM or a different brand? The battery guage in the dash seems little low. Use a multi meter and check the voltage at the battery when engine is running (WITh headlights/AC etc on and WITHOUT: WITH, you should see about 13.2 V or so at idle and about 13.8 to 14 V WITHOUT at idle

Are you living in an island?
Thanks for the reply and help. I installed a 270amp SBC alternator a few months ago and then added dual Optima Yellowtop batteries. Planned on adding lots of off-road lights, fridge and other camping gear.
While driving today the lights come on and off. They are the Battery, Fuel Filter, Air Filter and T-Belt. I'm hoping it's just a lose sensor somewhere.

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