dash knob diagram anyone?

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Oct 15, 2002
i have a 71 fj40, with like 8 knobs on the dash but don't know what any of them do. the only one that i can make out looks like an H on it. does anyone have a diagram that shows these knobs functions?
Spectre Off Road www.sor.com has a picture of the dash with knobs labled. It's in their on-line catalog
You may have to follow the wires/cables to see where they go.
Some of mine have little pictureS.....like lights, wipers.
My 4 way knob is red.
V is for vent.
H is for heater blower, You will have 2 if you have a rear heater aslo.
.Sorry I don't have a diagram to put on here so I will just list the knobs on my dash from left to right.

Top Row: 1. just a hole since I bought it from PO but I think it might have been the choke; 2. don't know the second one but by the diagram I am guessing it will squirt water on the windshield; 3. hazard lights; 4. cigarette lighter

Bottom Row: 1. Windshield wiper; 2. Rear Heater; 3. Main heater; 4. Doesn't move so I don't know this one has a V on it; 5. Interior Lights

Hope this helps and if you figure out what those few were that I didnt' know I'd appreciate if you could let me know, I'm kinda curious about those.

Couldn't resist posting in the old thread :D

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