Dash ? for Landcruiser historians, 77 to 78

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May I have another!!!
Mar 29, 2003
Northern Minnesota

Question for the landcruiser guru's?

What goes in the big hole in my old dash (the tan one on the concrete)? Looked at a friends 78 last night and his seatbelt/brake light are in that location. My lights like that were/are on a factory mount hanging below the dash left of the steering wheel (should be able to see them in one of the pics, already transfered them over to the new tub).

The new dash I'm putting them in has a recess for lights like on my friends 78? Did someone remove something from mine? Why did Toyota put a hole there? There was nothing there when I bought it 6 years ago, but this thing had been treated badly, so it wouldn't suprise me if something was removed?

I looked in Spectors book, but only shows a light set up like my friends 78 in the dash?

My manufacture date is Aug. - 77

Thanks, Matt
another pic
Old dash
Old dash
My '76 was owned by a guy who's dad bought it new. This guy did a few minor typical PO things (e.g. he put stickon tint on some of the glass). But he was pretty much a stickler for keeping it stock. My dash has the same two holes and they were empty also.

I used the upper, larger one to hold a charge light (idiot light that is "required" for the GM alternator swap).
Hi Theo,

Did they have a rubber plug in those holes? I know my friends 78 had the smaller hole below the larger one, but it had a factory rubber plug in it? Just wondering if the larger hole had a factory rubber plug?

I'm just thinking that if those 2 holes weren't actually used I'm not going to be drilling them in out in my new dash. My old dash looks like it has some adhesive residue around the larger hole, like something was supposed to be there?

Thanks, Matt
Hey Matt,

Got '78 and just looked at some old pix.... the top rectangle box is where my brake and fasten seatbelf lights were. I had an aftermarket toggle switch where the lower circular scrib is, so can't help you there...sorry.

Yo Han
I also have a 77 and the two holes on mine are plugged with some factory rubber plugs and my brake lights are down on the left hand side as well. However on my bro's 74 (that he sold )one of those holes had a factory dummy light that said brake below it. I think it was the top one but im not positive. If its of major interest i could contact the guy who bought it. My guess is that the pre 75's used the holes for dummy lights and post 75 plugged them up till 78 when the brake light/seat belt assembly thing was moved onto the dash. But thats only a shot in the dark, so dont take my word for it. HTH.

That is what I'm thinking, but not sure either. It just seems like something was stuck around that large hole, but maybe not?

What is your manufacture date? I probably won't knock those holes out on my new dash if there not needed for anything.

Thanks, Matt
I think my junk is either a june or july 77 and the 74 my bro had was made in November of 73. :cheers:
No plugs in the holes when I got it and no sign that anything was ever in them AFIK. I agree your old dash definitely had something in it. Could have been anything though.

Can't you leave the plugs in your new dash and only knock them out if you find a need?
Did some more research now that you guys are leading me in the right direction. I had to email Mike Gozzard this morning to ask him a couple questions about my Gozzard fiberglass tub. I figured I would ask him the same question and see what he said, being a landcruiser guy himself. This is what Mike said:

> Dash...in Canada we had Diesels and the glowplug switch and indicators lights occupied those spots. The dash was basically configured to work for all models...some would use some indexing, others would not. Use what you need a fill over the rest before you paint or customize the dash. <

I think this answers a lot of questions.

Also did a little more research at lunch. Went out to a guys house a noon that has a Sept. 76 (blue dash) and a March 73 (green dash). You can see in the pics that the 76 has a factory plug in that large hole (3 other holes to the right that have been cobbled in). The 73 has a factory brake light, like Chase said, and a factory rubber plug in that lower hole.

dash pic of the 73
The top hole is for the brake/seatbelt on late models (saw it on a 1980 cruiser) . the bottom hole is for the 4wd light indicator for the vacuum t-case (I got it on my 71 :flipoff2: )

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