Dana 60 SF vs Toyota Axel 9,5

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Nov 15, 2006
What do you think is the better option?? a) the Dana 60 semi floater or b) the Toyota Axel 9,5. Both of them with 4,11
Depends what you're putting it on and which D60 you're going to choose. There are several different configurations for the Dana 60...

not a big fan of pressed in axle tubes...
factory all the way.


In a sense, Dana 60s are factory, at least for South America-built Land Cruisers. Local component regulations, I guess.

Maybe a change/upgrade is under consideration?

As said above, it depends on the intended use.

Yes, you are right, here the Dana 60 SF is the standard part, because the government ask Toyota to used parts that are produced here In Colombia.
I found a source for an OEM FF axel with LSD, I give mime, plus USD 700.
I use the 73 two days on road, Bogota, and ones a moth as moderated off roader.
A semi-float D60 is about as strong, depending on configuration, as a semi-float Toyota LC axle. The FF Toyota axle is superior because of the FF option.

An SF D60 will probably be 30 spline, same as the Toyota axle.

agree / disagree
the D60 center unit is stronger than the Toyota.
the Toyota axle housing is stronger by design.

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