Wanted Dana 60/30 spline hubs/lockouts...or drive flanges

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Oct 14, 2007
In the redwoods
United States
Dana 60, 30 spline or drive flange

I have a full floater in the rear and busted one of my Warn premium lock outs at Rubithon last June. I would love to have some drive flanges for the rear but a couple of replacement lockouts will do for now. Low Low budget so a conversion to 35 spline is out for now.
Has anyone made the conversion and have these just taking up space? I sure hope so. Hate to grenade another one with no replacement.

currently running 1 Warn premium and 1 Warn standard in the rear.
So that's what i need. Heading to Rubithon and i will need at least one lock out for back up or a set of drive flanges.

Dana 60, 30 spline lockouts or a set of drive flanges. My rear end is a full floater and do not want my hubs to grenade like they did last year on this run.
drive flange/lock outs

Still looking for a set of drive flanges for my dana 60 30 spline ff rear end.

Or a set of Warn lockouts for the same. Need back up for the rubithon next month. Even if you only have 1 of the buggers i need it.

send me a pm if any are out there...

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