Damaged lx450

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United States
1996 lx450 with heavy damage to right corner and front end, truck was involved in an accident where it was rolled. alot of interior part are gone. motor still runs. (no steering wheel, jump seats, abs sensors, console) most of the interior parts are at my house and not it the truck. truck will start but the throttle is stuck and it immidently red lines. no mechanical parts have been stripped, only interior parts. im not sure on the transmision but it is time for it to go. asking $1500 PM or call 336-345-3399
Located where?
Axles locked and OK?
area code is from N. Carolina, x2 on if cruiser if it is locked ?
Real nice guy. Hes allergic to the internet but likes to chat on the phone:D A good deal for someone who wants a FJ80 F-Toy.

No lockers. Will roll onto your trailer :p

If anybody wants to drop it off in Alabama let me know :steer:

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