Damaged Crush sleve? Bad Slip joint? whats going on?

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Jun 14, 2013
Sandy Utah area
So I have bad lash, like really bad. I took it to the shop and had a competent 80 tech look at my rear slip joint (because it seems to settle down with grease and its been flinging grease on the muffler) it the diagnosis was "too much slip joint grease" which...okay...I followed the advice I've heard to fill it until you just start to see the joint move. In any event, when I do that the lash goes away a lot as I've mentioned but it comes in the course of a week or two. I had them see if the seal or joint was bad and they said no. hmmm so why do I keep loosing grease there? I remember one member here saying that they learned the hard way that over-greasing the slip destroyed the crush sleeve in the rear 3rd member and I'm kinda wondering if I accidentally did that and THAT is where the lash is coming from (as well as my grease shower). Does anyone have experience on what that feels like? How do you diagnose it without tearing in the 3rd? The gear oil looks fine with no metal and no signs of excessive heat. On a follow up, I had State Automotive rebuilt the front 3rd and put in new gears when they discovered overheated gear oil with metal, turns out the previous shop put in the wrong carrier bearings (neat!) and at that time I had them install a spacer to eliminate the crush sleeve as part of the Nitro Kit (Nitro sells the spacer)...whats the danger of overgreasing without a crush sleeve?
The way I was taught to grease the slip is pull shaft apart clean out all the grease then wipe grease on the splines by hand and call it good if your moving the shaft by going they the zirk then too much and yes it will put pressure on the tcase and diff
With your drive shaft removed do you have ANY play in and out with the ujoint yoke on the 3rd?

There is a few degrees of rotation play (maybe 5 tops) but no fore/aft movement. I moved the slip yoke around and it seems to move smoothly but there is no pneumatic/hydraulic resistant on the seal (I can compress the slip joint or extend it without effort).

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