Damage to wiring loom/glow plugs etc

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Dec 5, 2017
Dudley, England
Hi guys

Can anyone help with a problem i have with my 1993 diesel 80 series? It recently had a top end rebuild carried out by a mechanic who has frankly done a very poor job of putting it all back together (but that's another story).

When i got the vehicle back, mechanically wise, everything worked great. However, I soon noticed 2 things that didn't work:

a) the temperature gauge on the dash doesn't work.

b) the speedometer worked intermittently, and has now ceased to work at all.

Having looked into the engine bay, I can see that there is a temperature sender gauge (located on the side of the block, underneath where the engine oil dipstick is located) has been broken, and there is no wiring connected to it.

I have now found some damaged wiring towards the back of the block, which appears to have either been pulled or ripped off, probably during the overhaul process. These four wires are only very short, and pop out of the loom almost directly behind the inlet manifold. I have managed to get a connector onto each one of them and test them.

The first of the wires appears to be white & black, and is not live.

There are three brown (or possibly brown and black) wires, all of which are switched live.

One of these three, when earthed, causes a relay to click in which is (I think) inside the LH front wing.

Another brown wire, when earthed, causes the speedometer needle to jump around the dial.

I managed to look briefly at a similar vehicle and noticed that there are some wires which terminate at an earth connection near the rear engine lifting eye. On my vehicle, there are no wires connected here. The lifting eye has also disappeared…

There is only one wire connected to the glow plug rail at the moment, and there is no feed going to the glow plugs once the ignition is switched on.

Can anyone offer any help? I’m stuck!
if yours is turbo, forget about the glow plugs...unless living where snow is present...three cables should go to the sender at the transfer for the speedometer...you are right, the signal to the dash gauge comes from the sensor by the oil filter...you should look for a wiring manual of your year land cruiser (mine's a 95) and would then know about the colors
Hi Panama
Thanks for the reply. Our weather is pretty mild, so I can appreciate what your saying about the glow plugs.

Does anyone know how many wires should go to the glowplug rail?
Where would the live wire (which interacts with the speed) be connected?

Cheers for the help guys!

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