SOLD Dallas: OME 2865 Springs - Gently used (~3,000mi) (1 Viewer)

Jul 14, 2019
I went down the OME conversion route on my 06 LX - and have decided it was not for me, I really want a mall cruiser and don't do enough off road (or have the extra body weight) to use 2865 coils. Removed them yesterday (subbed out for an old pair of LC OEM coils) and I am asking $100 for the pair. Had them on for a few months, and did a lot of highway miles in one sitting on a drive from Dallas to Utah. In many ways, these are probably better than new, as they've been broken in just enough to be ready to go. These will provide about 1.5inch of lift to your rig. Long story, but I am also posting the nitrocharger shocks and a pair of 2860's that have even less miles on them (long, expensive story not really worth retelling here).

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