dakota digital tach trouble

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Oct 3, 2010
stouffville, ontario
Hey Mudders, I recently swapped a om617 into a first gen 4runner. I wanted to keep the stock guages so I installed a DD interface with crank sensor. my DD box is recieving a signal from the crank sensor, but the tach is not working. I contacted DD and tech services suggested I may have a ballast resister in my tach. I can't find any info to support this. it's a 4cylinder tach from an 86. anyone have any luck with this kind of install. all help is apprieciated.
Are you feeding the DD box with a rectified signal (7v ripple) or the full 14v sine-wave?
I had to feed mine with the full 14v sine-wave (solder a lead onto a field in the alternator) to get it to work.
I installed one of these on a 4JG2 swap into a Isuzu Trooper without any trouble. I took the tach signal off the injection pump and wired it according to the instructions, but I can't say how to do it off the crank sensor.
dougal, I'm not running off the alternator, I'm using their crank sensor set up. the box is recieving a signal from the sensor-little green light is flashing indicating crank signal, just no output.
I think I have a bad box. since both replies have had an output signal from theirs using different input set-ups
I have one in my 80. Same setup as yours. Flywheel sensor to Dakota box and then off to the stock tach. I don't think you'd have to mess with soldering stuff in the alternator. Did you call up Dakota Digital?
I was hoping you'd chime in Dave, I saw you were running one of thesebut didn't want to start stalking you with pm's.
I just got off the phone with tech support. the outputs from the box are not producing an AC voltage, so it seams I have an internal fault. I'm sending it back to DD for them to check.
thanks for the replies and help. I will post the final results when I get the tach going
No problem. I'm always up for helping out.
after talking to tech support, I determined I only had a DC voltage output, no AC so I sent it back in exchange for a referbed one. they claimed mine was fine at the time of checking. I guess their Fluke was better than my Fluke. the one I got back does produce a 7V AC output signal, but still won't move the tach. on initial plug in of the tach output wire, the tach goes up to 600 RPM then nothing. I checked with my meter, and when you initially check, the output voltage spikes at 23V then steadies at 7V.
maybe Dougal was right, I need a higher voltage like one produced by the alt.
I have two clusters, and tried both tachs.
I'm getting 6.2 Vac with my Dakota DSL-1D box. That was at idle (750 RPM). I took the voltage at the Ground terminal and Out 1. If that's not right, let me know. The box is pretty easy to get to behind my glove box.
that's perfect Dave, thank you very much!
now I either have to steal the tach out of my 80, or figure out how to reduce the resistance in my 4Runner tach to work.
have a great weekend
Did you try using the other OUT terminals?

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