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Oct 22, 2008
Thinking of parting with the Benz in exchange for a new work truck. I bought this 6 months ago from John Voo (ATEB), it was his daughters car for 4 yrs while she attended university. He bought it from Outback with 64k on the odo. it now stands at 140k.

Anyway it is a RIGHT HAND DRIVE 1991 190E Sportline edition car with a 2.0 litre injected 4 cylinder and a 4 speed auto. The factory Benz Sportline package includes the power adjustable leather sport seats, lowered suspension, wider alloy wheels, quicker ratio steering and a smaller diameter leather steering wheel etc... The car has power steering, windows, locks, mirrors, ice cold A/C with dual zone control, power tilt/slide sunroof, power adjustment for the headlight angle and it all works flawlessly. The power antenna, however, is on a permanent vacation. The motor works but the antenna mast is stationary. The car has 4 wheel disc brakes and 4 wheel ABS and a drivers side airbag. John always used synthetic fluids in this car, I have done the same.

I had John replace all 4 brake rotors and all brake pads, they are less than 5k old. I replaced a rusted section in the exhaust, all is ok. Aircare till Nov. '11.

The car has NO rust, no accidents, no leaks- it really is quite remarkable. The build quality is really remarkable. It drives quite nicely, is economical, stops on a dime and handles like a go kart. A very nice reliable little German sport sedan. I drove to Mission and back at 140 kmh 2 weeks ago with 1 finger on the wheel.

I have damaged the right front air dam since the above pics were taken. It doesn't effect the operation of the vehicle.

I bought this car because the body is close to perfect for it's age and it runs like new. More importantly, it has a verifiable service history and exceptionally careful ownership stretching back over the last 6 years with John Voo. I thought I'd offer it here before the usual sales options.

Asking $2800 obo.
bnz quarter rear.jpg
benz int.jpg
benz quarter front.jpg
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I have damaged the right front air dam since the above pics were taken.

Asking $2800 obo.

Don't you just hate driving cars...

One of the reasons I parted ways with the Echo, they just don't handle going over side walks that well.
Is it a diesel? :)

$2500, 140K, no rust, Merc sedan....

Of course it isn't a diesel.
gas. 2.0 litre 4 cy. And yes, it was one of those parking spot divider things.
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what sort of work truck are you looking for ? i am looking at replacing my diesel f250 4x4 for a 4 door car. kids are getting a bit cramped in the extended cab.
Ford Transit Connect or like.
cough....cough...ford....cough....cough....hmmm, have you recently suffered from any falls, impacts to the head?

but seriously, those things are kind of cute, like a mini Mercedes Sprinter, pity they come with a diesel engine ONLY in Europe.....bastards!
The sprinter is too tall/big for my needs. this leaves the Transit or the HHR Panel. Despite my anti Detroit bias, Ford is impressing me the most these days. I will, under no circumstances, consider a Chrysler product.
Oh - additional- this car has the full Mercedes loadout including front and rear fog lamps and external temperature gauge. It has an upgraded factory wheel and tire package with 205 50 15 front and 225 50 15 rear directional yokohamas. The Sportline package was Mercedes in house precursor to the later AMG tuner kits.
My girlfriend said she would buy it for 950.... Lol

But the way I see her driving my truck sometimes id rather see her in lhd.

Had any intrest from people yet?
actually there is quite an enthusiast community for these things. got a couple of guys sniffing around. I haven't posted it anywhere but here yet though.
actually there is quite an enthusiast community for these things. got a couple of guys sniffing around. I haven't posted it anywhere but here yet though.

Thats cool, I think yours is the only RHD Merc car I have seen in these parts.
It's a pretty fun car to drive, corners flat like your in a go-cart, and very controllable. I wish it had a 5spd, it would be even more fun to drive.
Took me several days to get your 'gentlemans relish' off the headliner...
I'm surprised you didn't notice the peanut butter I left on your seat, it's extra chunky!
Your DNA sample is now on its way to Regina (RCMP). I suspect all sorts of filthy and heinous cold cases are about to be closed...

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