D40 Aisan Carburetor rebuild, 9L10: Part number?

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Nov 27, 2007
Lumby BC
I'd like to rebuild my single barrel Aisan Carb. It was built in December 10 1969 (9L10). I'm having trouble finding the right kit for this carburetor because every online catalog i've looked at doesn't specify if its single or double barrel. I called man a fre and the guy gave me part number 04211 60114. The closest thing i came up with on MAF is 60144. But that specifies 1968 to 3/69. Any help would be appreciated. Its a D40 with a round sight glass and a solenoid.
Cruiser Outfitters

Scroll down to the carb kits. Looks like the kit is the same for wither the large window or small window....:hmm:
Thanks for the info.
So would it be [FONT=Arial,Helvetica][SIZE=-1]Part# CA60117 (Fits 10/69'-9/71' FJ40/55)[/SIZE][/FONT]
because this D40 was made in 12/10/1969. How do you know if its single or double barrel though?
Before spending any money, I would contact Jim Chenoweth at FJ40Jim@aol.com
Or Mark Algazy at Marksoffroad.net (just get the phone # and CALL HIM)
OR Kurt at Cruiseroutfitters. All have kits, Mark and Jim rebuild them.


Pretty sure we have the same carb....You can tell looking at my pic in the other thread...
The kit I used was from Royze...Kit # TO-3K-44 Kit was awesome....Of course its only a 1bbl....hehe
Bottom of this page:


Of course you won't go wrong calling Jim or Mark
So i called toyota instead of Mark or Jim (by what i've read they are busy guys and i didn't feel like bothering them with small chit chat).
toyotaofseattle parts dealer gave me part Number # 0421160117. He told me that this part number has been superceded a couple of times.
Cruiser Outfitters does have this kit under that part #.
Thanks for all the help guys!
I believe that is a 2 barrell kit. Anyway. Call Kurt he has the keysters and will get you what you need.

I think this is the oem part # you want 0421160114
Just asking to be sure: according to SOR's web site, the 1bbl carbs ended in 3/69. are you clear on what you have? Post up a picture if you can and we can tell you.
The D40 is stamped with 9L10. Which should mean december 10th 1969??? i thought thats how it works.
And about the part number 0114, MAF gave me that when i called, but as soon as i looked on the website it didn't have a kit with the corresponding number. Closest i found was 0144?
I explicitly told the Toyota dude that it was a single barrel with solenoid, he gave me 0117. Now i don't know what to believe. Pic coming soon.....:confused:
pics of the d40
OK, that's definitely a 1bbl. Maybe they sold them later in CA?

To add to the confusion, I'm going to say that this is the carb kit I got for my SD-40, which kit CDan told me is an upgrade kit. It should be correct for both my non-solenoid carb and yours. The only difference is the solenoid o ring and gasket, which the kit contained.


edit: never mind, I'm wrong. :frown:

hope that added to the confusion
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I also have a 64 sd40 and i took it apart the same night that i took apart the d40. They are very similar but there are some differences, d40 has solenoid. The main big gasket is different between the two (one has and extra hole, general shape is the same). And there were some differences inside (i don't know all the part names), so i won't try and describe it. What does the solenoid wire hook up to? how does it even work (I'm new to gas motors). I know its for the idle and that it has a pin, i just don't know how its activated. the sd40 also has a square window, Does your sd40 have a square window? let me know
Good point. Yes, my SD40 does have the large window. So, the kits would not be the same. :meh:

The solenoid is wired to any switched terminal (I use the positive coil terminal for my carbs that have a solenoid). It allows fuel flow only when the ignition is switched on, to prevent run-on.
OK, maybe I can be of some help (or not). These are numbers that are probably superceded, but from the 67 LC parts catalog, the carburetor kit for your small site glass D40 carb with solenoid (21100-60150) is 04211-60110 and there is also a gasket kit for it 04212-60090. If you go to a Toyota dealer or call one, for instance cruiserdan, they can probably start with those numbers and come up with newer ones (probably that's the -60114 for the rebuild kit, as you thought and as was mentioned).
Part number 0421160110 was superseded by part number 0421160114.
Is the gasket kit still available, Wes?
There are a fair number of people who are mislead by production date codes. The code is ABSOLUTELY correct as to the date of manufacture, but not necessarily so for the date of application, and that is the source of your confusion.

That carburetor was OE from 68 thru ~3/69, and early REPLACEMENT carbs, manufactured within a year or two of original APPLICATION, would have shared the same unique sight glass. The later d-40 REPLACEMENT carbs would have the smaller window that the 70-74 models have.

The NOS D-40s I have on the shelf are date stamped from the '90s, but I certainly wouldn't go calling ANYONE looking for a 1992 1bbl carb kit. Capiche?

Kurt should be able to take care of you. Forget the date stamp and ask for a 68 1bbl carb kit.


Mark A.

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