d-shaft problems

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Dec 13, 2002
i thought you could just swap the shafts around when you put a 4spd trans it the cruiser.well i just got done with my 2f/4spd/3spd case conversion in a 73' 40,and my front shaft is waaayyy to short!! do i need 4 spd shafts or do i need to get them lengthend/shortened?
also have 3 spd pinion flanges and 3pd tcase that i didnt chnge to 4spd outputs.WHAT DO I DO NOW???COST EFFECTIVELY???
the 4spd tranny is longer than the 3 spd.i think i just need 4spd shafts and switch my pinion flanges over to 4spd stuff.
Like you said, there are two choices: The 4speed shafts and flanges or get your 3sp shafts retubed. It is about a push in terms of cost except for you can sell your 3sp shafts and have standard 4sp replacement parts rather than customs shafts.
its the little things thatl get ya
i wasnt prepared for what i got myself into :-[
but its coming along just fine now
i just need to figure out throttle cable stuff now :D

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