D-Pillar Water Leak

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Dec 23, 2004
Beaverton, Oregon
Before you all start telling me to search, I have. I've probably read every post about water getting into the rear of these rigs posted in the last two years, and there are plenty.

I have spent the last few days chasing leaks on my truck and here is what I've found:

1. Leaking slider window clips. Fixed.
2. Leaking gas cap gasket. Fixed.
3. Leaking side marker light. Not fixed, but just a dribble and too low to cause the real problems.
4. Leaking rear window gasket ~ I found water coming in from the bottom corners of the back window and running down the tailgate. Don't use wet tailgate carpet as the test, 'cause mine was running down behind the carpet and filling up the channel behind the rear hatch gasket. I'll squirt some silicone in there once I get another dry day and see if that fixes it.

The leak that has me stumped is the water coming from inside the D-pillar. I can't find anything in the archives and I don't know what the inside of the d-pillar is open to. It is solid sheet metal behind the plastic panel, so I can't see in there very well. Anybody know how water could get in there? It doesn't look like the slider would be it, but I can't tell if the rear-most portion of the slider seal would be inside the pillar.

Also, would a leaking roof rack hole empty out there? I don't have any visible water on the head liner. A few old looking lightly discolored spots, but nothing new. The water is definitely coming down inside the D-pillar, dripping onto the seat belt retractor, then down onto the floor.

Maybe the harness for the hatch is allowing water inside the pillar. Pull the headliner at the top edge and take a look.
Thanks. When I was checking it out, I also pulled the rear hatch gasket off to clean it. I also pulled the vent behind the slider window to take a look inside the pillar and noticed that when the body shop replaced the quarter panel, they left a small gap between the panel and the hatch metal that was under the gasket. I stuck a WD40 hose into the gap and pulled and the WD40 sprayed right into the pillar and ran down in the exact water residue mark that was there. I hope this is it. I'm going to RTV the gap and use some RTV silicone to re-attach the rear gasket. Wish me luck.

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