SOLD D.C. Area: Built FZJ80 w Factory Lockers - 183k miles (1 Viewer)

Jan 15, 2005
Alexandria, VA
Vehicle Model
  1. 80 Series
22305 Alexandria Virginia, United States
I've had this FZJ80 for 11 years. It was my daily driver up until 2014. Since then, I've only driven it one or two off-road trips per year, drives to Home Depot, and the occasional cruise around town. I never wheeled this truck more than a couple times a year, but when I did, I did not go easy on it.

The title is clean, but the tags are expired. I didn't renew last year after it failed inspection for two issues: no parking brake, and the catalytic converter does not have a visible serial number. The actual exhaust gasses pass emissions, and there are no codes (ie. O2 sensors are fine). I'd planned to get Antique tags this year, as it now qualifies. If you're not in northern VA, this may not be an issue at all.

Miles = 183,595
Price = $7,000

- Slee ShortBus front bumper
- Iron Pig Off Road (IPOR) rear bumper with tire carrier
- IPOR sliders
- IPOR skid plate
- OME suspension ("J" springs in front, "Heavy" in rear), "L" shocks
- Nitto Trail Grappler 315s (35")
- Marlin Crawler tie rod and drag link
- All new exhaust as of 5 years ago (header all the way to tail pipe), Magnaflow muffler and high-flow cat
- PLEASE NOTE: I want to keep the winch

- (PHH)replaced with silicone about 2 years ago
- Rebuilt front axle with Marlin seals about 3-4 years ago (not many miles since then)
- Flushed power steering fluid last year
- Always used Mobil 1 oil

The Bad:
- It's rusty. Frame is solid, but lots of rusted fasteners, etc. Rust through in rear cargo area and rocker panel under drivers rear door.
- Lots of dents, some major. Worst is to the drivers front quarter panel.
- No parking brake (not an adjustment or shoe replacement issue - it's just not there)
- Aftermarket cat doesn't have visible serial number (a new requirement
- No carpet in cargo area (which, again, is rusty)
- No front sway bar (maybe that's a plus?)
- Seats are rough, but I've seen worse.
- Rear interior heater doesn't work (the coolant lines under the truck were rusted, so I bypassed them)

Please let me know if you'd like more details or photos. I don't want you to be surprised.

Etxt - Dr Side.jpg
Ext - DrFrntQtr.jpg
Ext - DrRearQtr.jpg
Ext - Rear Swingout open.jpg
Ext - Rear.jpg

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