cylinder head procedure needed

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Jan 15, 2006
Hi, I am the new owner of a 1984 fj60 with a cracked/warped head and need to remove /replace. Is there a good link to this procedure (any repair manual reccomendations?) I understand that this problem is fairly common (why) and I also understand that a '80's cylinder head is a better option for replacement with machining (shaving the head). I also just picked up a 1985 BJ60 and will need to source diesel parts (glow plug relays for now, any good sources in the states/Canada?) This forum is amazing, I could surf for hours here! Thank you all!
I'd invest in the Toyota factory service manuals, use search function for more info...
Just did this job myself.... You'll need just about all the factory manuals for that job. The engine manual to remove the actual head and attachments. The emissions manual is vital to get all the vacuum lines hooked up in the right places. Don't bother labeling where they came from; most of the time there are several in the wrong place. Better to replace all the rubber hose with new while you're in there too. 35' or so of the small stuff alone. The body and chassis manual covers most everything else you need to know about while maintaining your Cruiser.

Couple other thoughts relating to this:

- Replace all the coolant hoses now. The system is drained and most likely one of them was leaking. The leak, if unseen, can cause enough coolant loss to overheat the motor which gets you here in the first place. Mine had a failed hose under the thermostat housing that connected the water pump to the lower oil cooler fitting.

- Replace all the rubber vacuum lines. Most driveability issues are the result of vacuum leaks or misrouted hoses. Follow the emissions manual for routing.

- New thermostat is a good idea too. Don't forget to install the gasket on top of the thermostat too.

I'm sure others will toss in their opinions and add what I forgot.


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