Cyclical squeak from rear brake

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Dec 1, 2017
I've been hearing a cyclical squeak for days and finally pinpointed it to the rear drivers side wheel / brakes. The squeak will increase in intensity when lightly applying the brakes and completely stop when applying more pressure on the brakes. I'm not very familiar with brake systems and was hoping someone might have any direction as to what would be causing this and where I should begin looking to resolve it?

Take all the wheels on and perform a brake inspection.
Here is a good video on how to replace them if necessary (on a 80 series but is pretty much exactly the same).
A brand new pad is 10-12 mm, once they wear out to 3 mm the shims will touch the rotor to warn the driver the pad is wearing out and it should be looked after.
Also could be a rock stuck in your caliper or backing plate.


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