CV joints

Oct 25, 2002
Colton, CA
Ok, just did the SOA. In the process of the steering and drive shafts. I know I am going to need a cv in my shafts. I was just wondering if it makes a difference in putting the cv on the pinion side or the xfer case side. Sorry if it's a newbie ?, but I just wanted to know the possibilities.

Oh, just thought I'd mention something I ran across. A supposed u-joint replacement, the carnay joint. I read about it in Peterson's 4-wheel and offroad. Supposedly these joints can run @ 90 degrees with minimal problems. I think their website is (don't know if the memory serves me right). If this is as big as these people hype it up to be, it might just lead to new leaps and bounds in the off road market.


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Jan 15, 2002
Toquerville UT
CV's always go at the t-case end...always. Reason is, you point the pinion at the t-case, wo there is no odd angle at the pinion end....unless those new joints also allow you to point your transfer case. ;)

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